The last six months

I can’t believe it has been six months since I have last wrote anything on my blog. However I have been busy doing lots of different things.

We did spend quite a lot of time at our caravan in Norfolk knowing that at the end of October we would be giving it up for good. It was a good summer and the weather was great most of the time. I know we are going to miss Norfolk, but we are looking forward to new horizons.

I did another session of the Masterclass in Weaving in October, but have now decided that I do not want to complete the second year. I learnt a lot in the first year and my weaving has improved. I now am quite confident in dyeing my own yarn. Putting on a warp is not such a big deal either any more.


Made the above Bionic Gear Bag from a pattern by RipSticher (  It is brilliant and holds everything for my sewing, knitting and weaving, together with pencils, rulers, scissors, etc……  See picture below for opened out view showing the handy tray at the front.

Bionic Gear Bag

Bionic Gear Bag

I made a little Christmas Card using the Christmas Tree design I wove in huck lace.  This was part of a large sampler I completed on huck lace to explore the weave.  Again it was a revelation that I could actually design the motif I wanted and then weave it.


Next I wove a lovely scarf in 21/2 wc wool for my friend John.  I dyed the wool in grey for the warp and blue/purple for the weft.   It is woven in a braided twill design using 8 shafts.


I liked this so much that I am now weaving DH one in grey and aqua.   My yellow dye stock solution did not work very well, so that it was not as strong as it should have been resulting in the finished colour being aqua instead of the green he had requested! Lol.


Happy New Year to my followers.   I must get on now and finish the above scarf.

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